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Project Description

Close Exploration Drilling Jumbo

The NABO 60/20 drilling jumbo is used for exploration work in underground potassium mining. The drilling rig is firmly mounted on an all-terrain, all-wheel drive basic vehicle.
The drilling jig, consisting of drill arm, rotary drive, tilt- pivot joint, gun carriage guides and the drill gun carriage with rod magazine is firmly fixed on the vehicle.
With the drilling jig, horizontal exploratory holes up to a drill depth of 60m in the walls and in the vertical direction up to 20 m drill depth in the roof and /or the floor. The energy supply for the drilling operation takes place via an external supply of 500 V with a 120 m power cable on a cable drum installed on the vehicle.
A compressed air unit mounted on the vehicle supplies the drilling jig with the purge air necessary for the discharge of the drilling cuttings.
The discharged cuttings are fed via a vacuum unit to the sample taking.

Due to the local application conditions, the close exploration drilling jumbo is designed in an explosion-proof construction.